Beginning Strength - 8 Week Program Now Live!

Updated: Mar 21

Coaches, let TAG do the "heavy lifting" and program design for you and your athletes! This is an 8-week plug-and-play program that can be incorporated into your athletes' TrainingPeaks calendars. All movements have video links and can be accessed via mobile device or computer. Everything sport coaches need, all in one stunning, efficient, and interactive package!*

Beginning Strength program is an 8-week program that's scalable for most athletes - novice and elite. This is intended to be a foundational program with the goals of acclimating to a balanced, regular weight training regimen, preparing the body gradually for greater loads, and establishing a solid mechanical foundation.

This program would fall into what we call the "GPP" phase aka "General Physical Preparedness." In this phase of training, strength coaches emphasize proper mechanics, movement quality, increasing volume, and general athleticism. As we way, the wider the base, the higher the peak!

Most athletes need more GPP training in the weight room to learn how to move and to counteract the dysfunctions of their sport(s). As strength coaches, our priority is to develop a solid foundation of movement quality and physical resilience. Once that's been established, we can progress to more specialized training methods. This is a great place for most athletes to start!

Other Information:

2 Day/Week Training Split - Total Body Workouts

16 Different Workouts

Movement Progressions Built-In

18 Pages Total

Equipment Needed:



Barbell/Trap Bar - Optional but Recommended

Weight Plates - Preferable Rubber Bumper Plates

Cable Machine with Rope or Handle Attachments

Cable Machine with Pulldown Bar OR Pull Up Bar with Bands

TRX or May Substitute with Barbell in Squat Rack

Stability Ball

Mat or Foam Pad Recommended

*Purchase once to use with an unlimited number of athletes!

Take a peek inside!

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