EcoVessel - Essential to Every Adventure!

Originally Posted July 2020

As a Colorado small business owner, I absolutely LOVE supporting other local businesses! Coloradans are proud of our beautiful Centennial State, and we go to great efforts to protect the environment we love so dearly. In Boulder, we are very deliberate about reducing waste, minimizing our footprint, and promoting eco-friendly products. And, I'm thrilled to highlight a local business prioritizes the health of adventurers, like myself, and the health of our beautiful planet.

Why I LOVE EcoVessel:

  1. Local Family-Owned Business (Go Boulder Businesses!)

  2. Phenomenal Quality Products at Lower Prices than Competitors (I'm the girl who gets her athletic gear at Marshalls and TJ Maxx!)

  3. Focused on Reducing Waste, Protecting Adventurers, and Preserving Our Environment

  4. They Give Back (5% of their website purchases go to a non-profit of your choosing - I'm particularly partial to Leave No Trace and Protect Our Winters)

So, I just received The Boulder Insulated Water Bottle for my upcoming 4th of July Adventure Extravaganza, and I was so excited that I sent a picture of my new adventure buddy to my parents. It turns out, my dad had purchased the same exact water bottle as me last year - same style and everything! Something about knowing I have the exact same taste as my dad (who I admire more than he'll ever know!) really warmed my heart and made me feel so proud to be my daddy's girl.

When I left Colorado for a year to coach in North Carolina, I had no idea how much I would miss my home state. My dad and I road-tripped out to NC over the course of a few days. The minute I was alone in my new apartment (with my pup), I broke down crying. I was actually so stressed out that I started breaking out in hives! Luckily, my dad was close by in a local hotel; he even had anti-itch cream!

That year, I called home in tears more times than I can count. I loved my work, but I missed my home and wanted to come back. My dad recalled his own personal experience of leaving Colorado back in the 70's. He's a very steadfast, mild-mannered man, who doesn't often show his emotions (aside from happiness!). So, it meant a lot for him to tell me that he cried when he drove away from Colorado, the state that became his home. It took him over twenty years to finally return to Colorado (permanently) with our family; luckily, it took me only one. I know our hearts are very much aligned in our love for Colorado and our desire to live in the mountains. I don't think I've ever had a product resonate so much with me on a personal level before, but this water bottle is even more precious to me now that it's a constant reminder of the connection I have with my father. He doesn't ski with me anymore, but. I always send him pictures from an epic day at Breck! Now, everytime I see this water bottle, I think of my dad. And it's really special to feel like I can take a reminder of him with me on all of my upcoming adventures!