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Nordic Leg Curls

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

This is for all of the quad dominant athletes out there! (Btw, that’s going to be everyone). ⠀ Because of the patella, the quads are always going to have a mechanical advantage over the hamstrings. So, to reduce the risk of injury, it’s important to minimize the strength discrepancy between between the quads and hamstrings as much as possible.⠀

The Exercise:

Nordic Leg Curls

Nordic Leg Curls are a great bodyweight exercise for developing the hamstrings. For most, the eccentric (lowering) component is going to be challenging enough. Eccentrics (aka negatives) are beneficial for developing strength because it involves lengthening the muscle fibers under resistance. This will cause a greater damage of micro trauma, leading to greater adaptations and gains. If you haven’t tried these before, take them very slowly, and allow yourself a generous recovery period until your body adapts to the eccentric training. Aim to control the movement all the way down to the ground. ⠀


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