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Image by Paul Green


EF Strength, Part 1

"First of all, thank you for this opportunity and also please say Thanks to Jess for me! I have completed two weeks of strength - - so four sessions - - and I feel I am getting stronger."

Image by Óscar Aguilar Elías


EF Strength, Part 1

" I am definitely getting stronger! The first week since I had never done any kind of real or consistent strength training I did the lowest reps/sets and it was sooo hard. I kept it up though, increasing reps and sets. This last week for the rest week when I basically did everything I did the first week and it was so much easier. So that made me really happy. I like that I can do the workouts without being at the gym or having a bunch of expensive equipment. Please tell Jess she is amazing!"


EF Strength, Part 1

"I like that the moves are simple and repeat for several weeks. I also really like the way exercises are clustered to maximize efficiency. Sessions have been taking me 30 minutes or less, which I like. I appreciate the relevant upper body work (love that there are functional plank and upper back exercises and that I don’t have to waste time on bicep curls). I would be ok with adding some small weights because I do have those at home. The plank crawl is still my nemesis."