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Core Strength - Level 1

Core Strength - Level 1


Core Strength - Level 1 is for athletes who are ready and able to start incorporating weights into their core training. This program contains two workouts per week for a 4 week block. Each workout has six different multiplanar movements. This movements are relatively simple and develop coordination, stability, body control, and pillar strength. This program is scalable for most levels as you can select heavier weights or perform additional sets/repetitions for an added challenge. Most recreational and competitive athletes have enough developed core strength to start here.


  • Training Schedule: 2 Days/Week for 4 Weeks
  • Training Level: Beginner to Beginner+
  • Complexity of Movements (1-5): 1-2.5
  • Physical Requirements: Ability to perform a deadbug with core engaged, ability to hold a quadruped position, a lateral plank for at least 10 seconds, stable in a plank from the hands, able to perform a heel sit.
  • Equipment Needed: Gym Recommended - DB or KBs, Weight Plates, Stability Ball, Pull Up/Hanging Bar, Bench
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