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Preseason Strength - Level 1

Preseason Strength - Level 1


Preseason Strength - Level 1 picks up right where off-season level 1 leaves off. This 8-week program is a 2-day/week total body training split. While the off-season program focuses on building volume to establish a base, Preseason features a three week loading pattern with a deload week on weeks 4 and 8. This phase of training focuses more on the transition into strength work and building off the foundation we created in the offseason. To keep this program scalable for Beginner+ to Intermediate levels, it features a fair amount of unilateral training. This allows you to build strength more equally between sides (to minimize strength deficits) and it allows for greater scalability. Whether you're still relatively new to lifting or more advanced, you can achieve results with this program.



  • Training Schedule: 2 Days/Week for 8 Weeks
  • Training Level: Beginner+ to Intermediate
  • Complexity of Movements (1-5): 2-3
  • Physical Requirements: Comfortable with lunges and balancing on one leg, able to perform a plank for a minute, able to hinge from the hips with a flat back, comfortable performing at least 10 sit ups.
  • Equipment Needed: Gym access is preferred - program requires DBs or KBs, Resistance Bands and Mini Bands, Stability Ball, Box, Bench, Sliders.
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