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Preseason Strength - Level 2

Preseason Strength - Level 2


Welcome to deadlifts! Each training day features with trap bar deadlifts or sumo deadlifts to focus on development the posterior chain. Now that we've established a base with the offseason program, we can start diving into more strength work. This 8-week program featues a 2-day/week total body training split. For block one, each workout contains 8 movements; in block 2, we increase to 9 movements. You'll notice the progression to more complex movements as we get closer to the competitive season. Each block consists of three loading weeks followed by a fourth deload week to give the body time to recovery and adapt. This program, balances bilateral and unilateral training, with an emphasis on developing our posterior chain power-house muscles.



  • Training Schedule: 2 Days/Week for 8 Weeks
  • Training Level: Intermediate to Intermediate+
  • Complexity of Movements (1-5): 2.5-3.5
  • Physical Requirements: Comfortable performing a deadlift with a trap bar (At least 65 lbs) and willing to perform sumo deadlifts with a barbell (At least 65 lbs).
  • Equipment Needed: Full Gym Access
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