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Race Prep: Preseason Build - Part 1

Race Prep: Preseason Build - Part 1


Race Prep: Preseason Build - Part 1 is the first four weeks of an 8-week series. It's divided into two parts to allow athletes to repeat one or both of the training blocks based on their needs and preferences. This program is a 3-day, total body training split that further divides the workouts into Moderate, Heavy, and Light days (in that order and referring to intensity). This undulated approach allows the body to periodize volume and intensity on a daily and weekly basis. Each workout consists of 11 movements, and the program implements a 3-week loading scheme with a fourth week deload. Over the entire 8-week series, athletes will develop strength in foundational patterns like sumo and traditional deadlifts, increase hip stability and the build the posterior chain, and focus on total body balance. This is written for athletes with experience lifting on a regular basis, who are ready to kick things up a notch to prepare for their best season yet!



  • Training Schedule: 3 Days/Week (Mod/Heavy/Light)
  • Training Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Complexity of Movements (1-5):3-3+
  • Physical Requirements: Comfortable deadlifting (with proper technique) with a barbell - or ready to transition to barbell, at least 10 strict push ups with good form, ability to perform a hinge from the hips under load, comfortable squatting with a barbell, solid foundation of resistance training is recommended.
  • Equipment Needed: Full Gym Access
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