Lateral Lunges for Frontal Plane Mobility

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Do you spend time moving in all three planes? Or, are you stuck living a strictly sagittal life? Do you build strength in all three planes? Can you complete a lateral lunge? Have you ever tried it with weight? Many of our dysfunctions occur as a result of the repetitive movements of daily life; things we don’t even think about. How do you get in and out of your car every day? What leg do you lead with when you walk up and down stairs? Do you carry a purse on one side of the body? How do you get on and off a bike? On a descent, which foot is forward? Do you have more of a power side or power leg? We need to make sure me move our bodies multi-directionally to maintain full mobility as we age and accumulate miles of volume in our sport. Remember, life and sport will skew you’re body in a given direction, it is YOUR responsibility to maintain and preserve your mobility and fight for a pain-free life. Don’t just log time in your sport, log time resetting your body. You only have one! Like they say, use it or lose it! Stay mobile and keep moving in all directions! ✌🏻

The Exercise: Lateral Lunges